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In the beginning of 2008 I did a 21 day fast and silent meditation retreat... It was the most challenging and most rewarding experience I have ever done. I went into deeply transformative spaces in body and psyche. The profound spiritual transformation is still fully present, reverberating through me as a continuous ecstatic undercurrent. In general, I feel reborn, renewed, fresh and bubbling, vibrantly alive and full of gratitude.
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... I spent thousands of dollars on treatments and supplements which gave me partial and temporary relief over years of efforts. I fasted for 10 days with Maya's guidance, wisdom and care. My pain steadily decreased. ... I feel so good that I have become a true believer in the power of living nutrition. ...
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TESTIMONIAL: Weight loss & fitness

Charlie, 2011-8:
I received an email back from Japhy. Here's what he had to say about his workouts with me: (Charlie Abel, 808-990-4468)
"THANK YOU Charlie for being a constant with me during my 26 days at the retreat.
I truly believe that Dr. Baylac was correct when she encouraged me NOT to try and trim my budget by eliminating PT with you.
I truly believe that working with you Charlie was a KEY COMPONENT of my losing weight and beginning to get FIT again."

TESTIMONIAL: Overweight and depression - raw food, green juices, water fasting

When I came to Mind Your Body I wasn't sure what program I would be following. I had no expectations, just a couple goals to start living healthier. I started on raw foods for 2 days and moved into green juice for 3 days and then to a complete water fast for 7 more. At the time I did my fast I was overweight and depressed. I was using a low dose of 75 mg of Zoloft for depression. Dr Baylac insisted I not be taking medication during a water fast. So we made an agreement to stop the medication.

The fast was very liberating and I feel it kick started the changes I wanted to make in my life. I still have further to go mentally and physically, but the fast was much like what the literature said it would be: the mind clears, sight and sound are more acute and afterwards one is much more aware of what goes into one's body. In that sense it's still helping me because I don't want to counteract all the good done during the fast so I pause before eating. Since the fast I have reduced my salt intake and while coffee, alcohol and sweets were never a large part of my diet they have been reduced to almost nothing. I still struggle with some depression and eating for comfort, but that's improving with the use of cognitive behavioral techniques and as the exercise and diet improves.

One of my goals for the future is a longer fast, taken to its conclusion: "the return of natural hunger." Be it 10 days or 40 I have confidence that my body will tell me when to stop -- safely and effectively. I have also come to realize how helpful the body can be on any sort of spiritual journey. Normally, I viewed the body as a hindrance, a burden, possibly a trap etc., but through the fast I saw my body with compassion. It opened up the possibility that in terms of spiritual development the body could be an ally. It's hard explain. Let it suffice to say that not ingesting food was a wonderful experience of simplification.

Remember, Jesus fasted and it was after the fast he began his ministry. The Buddha too was said to have fasted many days before the the final step of enlightenment. Ghandi fasted not just to heal his own body and soul, but to heal the body and soul of a nation!
D. B.

TESTIMONIAL: Overweight & chronic back pain - juices & raw foods - my 10 day detoxification in November 2003

Ari I was feeling like a low energy slug, overweight and burdened with chronic back pain. I spent thousands of dollars on treatments and supplements which gave me partial and temporary relief over years of efforts.

I fasted for 10 days with Maya's guidance, wisdom and care. My pain steadily decreased. I broke my fast on fresh juices and raw organic living foods. Both juices and raw foods are still the main stream of my diet and I love it!

I feel so good that I have become a true believer in the power of living nutrition. My tastes have adjusted to enjoy raw simple foods more than other junk. I have more energy and enthusiasm for exercise and have kept my weight off. I am now 10 pounds lighter, pain free, happier in my body and brimming with vitality. I no longer have body odor and my vision has improved. I am so thankful to Maya for her care and expertise and I strongly recommend fasting with her as it will surely be a very powerful, insightful and rewarding experience for you too.

Ari Vandershoot

TESTIMONIAL: Weight loss at age 61 - 2 week green juice fast

My 2 week visit was divided into a 6 days green juice fast and 8 days on raw foods.
I didn't come to the retreat to loose weight. I came to detox and hopefully finish 12 years of hot flashes. My age is 61. After the stay I am hardly having any hot flashes any more. When I do, they are warm, not hot. So I am very pleased.

I also enjoyed the breath work I did with Dr Baylac. And I can see a difference in my low back and neck - there is less tension. During my stay I learned a lot about raw foods which we are incorporating into our lives. I also learned how I need to have more down time to pay attention to what I am doing with my body.

I would recommend Hawaii Naturopatic Retreat Center to others. In fact I already have, to a few people. I feel it is a safe place to change life patterns. I was impressed by Dr Baylac's ability to support us all without an agenda. She just wanted to know what we wanted and how she could assist us.

The highlights of my stay was seeing Chris get into his water fast, decide that he didn't need coffee, and watch him choose to simplify his pallet. I also loved the warm ponds.
Plus, I loved the staff: Margo, Rachelle, Tanya, Jon and Kathy. Just a little more sun would have made my stay better.

Jeanette Phelps, October 2007

TESTIMONIAL: Weight loss, more energy and a new perspective on food

During my 19 day stay I had juice for 2½ days, then water for 14 days, and then 3 days re-feeding transition.
I am happy with the weight loss, I'm currently at 162 lbs. I'd like to keep it at 160 so getting back into bike riding will keep me right where I'd like to be.

Also, I feel more confident and centered with more energy, not needing coffee and liking the feel of calmness/patience that I'm experiencing, now at age 49.
Experiencing going without food for 16 days has given me a new perspective on food and how little the body needs to function if you give it quality (raw) food to work with.

I also observed that I had a tendency to label events or situations as bad or good and lock myself into a mood or emotion (usually negative or fearful) instead of just observing and being neutral, letting it unfold in an open hearted accepting frame of mind. I knew this before but being off coffee and having energy and being more at peace with myself and others as a result makes it possible to actually live this understanding and make it who I am now.

The retreat had a very competent and very pleasant staff. I felt like I was well monitored and taken care of. I especially enjoyed swimming in the warm pond, breaking my fast with my first bite of papaya. Nothing you have any control over would have made my stay better - perhaps less mosquitoes and more sun.

I think I got a lot out of the videos that I watched while I was there. You might want to encourage people to watch some to get a fuller understanding of raw food (Boutenko video) or what meat/dairy products do in the body, (Dr. Klaper video). Also the whole acid alkaline connection with body health and energy was a huge piece of information that I didn't know about until I watched the Boutenko video. If people had a fuller understanding of these issues they might be more inclined to make permanent changes in their diet rather than falling back into their old routine when they get back home.

We have inspired many people to try green smoothies in the short time that we have been back.

Thank you all very much,
Love to you, Chris Phelps, Oct. 2007

  TESTIMONIAL: Meg - Weight loss & water therapy (Watsu)

August 12, 2007
Dear Dr. Baylac,
thank you so much for your whole-souled approach in helping me physically and emotionally!! What a beautiful expression of love for life and truth you are!
Thank you for honesty and your patience with me. - I know my path forward now to reclaim my health will be slow, but you've given me good guidelines to follow. When you told me my first day here, that you represented my commitment to myself. I felt relief. At last! -

A doctor whose interest and determination lies not in just making money, but in really taking a patient's health seriously enough to ponder in depth over the course of action to take, to bring about a healthy body & mind.
Water therapy! - Wonderful experience. I felt like a little orbiting sphere at the mercy of nature, but trusting that good would happen! -
I will work on maintaining the unresistant spirit I felt in my spiritual path and stop focusing on the problems.
Anyway - thanks for everything! -

The following is how I felt about the water therapy treatment.
It is said that touch has an honesty beyond words. I found this to be so true as I experienced the Water Therapy Treatment at the Hawaiian Naturopathic Retreat Center!!
The experience gave me memories I will never forget! Gently swirling in a volcanically warmed pool, framed by softly swaying palm trees, and cooled by the occasional light wave from the ocean, I felt:

free of judgment...(no thoughts of fat, thin, good, bad)
in awe
sense of wonder
silent communication
raised up...exulted
like a leaf in a gentle current
fragile and at the mercy of nature, yet trusting that good will happen

The Water Therapy Treatment touched me on a physical, emotional and spiritual level!!
Thank you Dr. Baylac!! That was a truly wonderful and unforgettablemoment!!

  TESTIMONIAL: Overweight, arthritis, swollen knees, spinal cord injury - green juices & water fasting

In 2006, I was overweight and also had arthritis in my knees. My knees were swollen, kept swelling and I was in such pain that I could not walk. I am a health care professional, but didn't know much about proper foods for health. I was always a conventional eater.

When I met Dr. Baylac, I asked if I could work at her retreat to learn about healthy living. While I was there, I developed an arthritic condition of both knees. I asked Dr. Baylac to help me. First I went on a green juice fast for 25 days. The juice fast went fine. Except for the first 3 days, when I had headaches, due to detoxifying from smoking, eating chocolate, sweets and conventional foods. I was very grumpy those first days. But on the 4th day I was feeling fine.

After 25 days on green juices, my knees were still swollen. Dr. Baylac put me on a water fast. I was very fearful of the water fast and did not really want to do it because I did not want to lose more weight. The weight loss was the side effect of the green juice fast. Anyway, upon Dr. Baylac's insistence, I started the water fast and was on it for 12 days. During the water fast, I felt good, energetic, the swelling disappeared 90%, and my knees returned to normal. Except for the first few days, I went through the 37 days of first juice fasting and then water fasting without any problem.

After the fast I went on a raw diet. But since Dr. Baylac suspected food allergies, I had to start with one food at a time. The first day I had lettuce, and I broke my fast on lettuce leaves. All went fine. The next day I had lettuce and tomatoes - and this time my legs started swelling, almost immediately after the meal. So, I had a sensitivity to tomatoes, and had to avoid them.

In this way, we went through one food after another, all raw, to weed out the foods I couldn't eat. Carrots were OK. But one day someone squeezed orange juice on my grated carrots - and my knees started swelling, immediately. I was sensitive to orange. I was OK with lime, lemon and grapefruit. But I had many other food sensitivities.

After one year on vegetarian mostly raw foods, my health is so improved that I do not have any food sensitivities any longer. Today I can eat both tomatoes and citrus, and any other food I earlier was sensitive to.

I also have an old spinal cord injury, which has made my balance unsteady. I often lost my balance and fell, while walking, and I had broken my nose from these falls, on several occasions. Due to my lack of balance I couldn't climb trees. Would this improve as well? Yes, it improved - especially during the year after the fast. Right after the fast I started exercising. Dr. Baylac gave me simple exercise tasks for my balance and gait that I performed 3 times a day. I also added some exercises that I knew from my professional experience as a rehabilitation specialist. At this point, I had lost more than 40 pounds and it was easier for me to get around. I could start practicing going up and downhill without fear of falling. One year later - my balance has improved so much that I can climb trees. (I climbed a tree last week to pick fruits, a sour sap), and hike without falling. Today, I went on a 4.5 miles hike in the Volcano Park at a fast pace with other experienced hikers. My last fall was about 7 months ago.

Not only did I get well, I also lost 40 lbs during my first month at the retreat. I now feel fantastic, and I do athletic sports, like paddling Hawaiian canoe, a popular team sport here.
Without Dr. Baylac's knowledge I would have been following the conventional way of treating arthritis with steroid injections and bed rest and gotten worse. Instead, today I am very happy and satisfied with my health.

I am so grateful that I was lucky enough to be on her path, that I continue to help her today in her beautiful magical and compassionate work.
Margo, summer 2007

  TESTIMONIAL: Weight loss, toxicity, phobia - raw foods detoxification

I just wanted you to know how wonderful I have been. I have enjoyed my new variety of foods and renewed excitement for life. We have gone out to eat a few times and again it has been a wonderful feeling.

I have lost a few more pounds and have taken up running. I have been very busy with work but would love to write about my experience at your clinic. Mark is looking forward to his chance at a new beginning as well. Everyone is very surprised at the changes that I have made. I still can't get used to food stuck in my teeth. But it is a fair trade for my new eating habits.

I have managed to stay with a healthy diet and love the results, but I am always snacking. Grapes, apples, granola, etc. I wanted you also to know how wonderful your staff was, with a special thank you to Margo. Her energy and renewed joy for life is something I will always cherish.

You will always have a special place in my heart, thank you!
Happy thoughts,
Amy Barlow

Followup 8-2007:
What I thought was an eating disorder - not really knowing the underlining cause, but searching through talk therapy.

It had started at a very young age. I would push away many of the foods that were presented to me. So when my mother would find something that I would eat, it would become my new food. From the age of 2 to about 13 all that I ate was peanut butter sandwiches and an apple. Of course a wide variety of junk food but my lunch and dinner remained the same. Thirteen was when I changed to just bread and butter and had discovered bacon. This became my breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next seventeen years. Of course never letting go of my junk food. Throughout this mind set of just living with never going out to eat, and never being around people that didn't know about my "phobia of food".

It made my social life suffer along with my health. My reluctance to try new foods was a gag reflex that was such a terrible fear that after 30 years of that mind set, I was afraid that it might never change. I had tried on my own once to eat a salad. The experience was fearful, I cried and gagged the whole time not able to eat more then a few bits. This left me feeling like I would never experience the joy of food. The pleasure I see in everyone around me when a good meal is prepared.

I had discovered Dr. Baylac's program about two years ago. I would keep the web site on my favorites and read it on occasion. I had also taken two years to send her the letter that I had written about myself and my situation with food. The next day I had received a response that I never thought I would read. I was so scared at the thought that someone had called what I had a phobia and not an eating disorder. That was when I realized that maybe I was just on the wrong path. The month before my trip was very emotional for me. The only way that I can describe it was that a part of me was going to die. It was the most intense month, filled with panic attacks and lots of crying. This only confirmed that it was the right decision.

I choose the water fast, well because juicing and raw foods was what I was afraid of. This also made sense because my body was so toxic from my poor diet. I am 5'2" and weighted between 140-145lbs, my thyroid was inactive, my triglycerides (fat in my blood) where over 350, and my cholesterol needed some work. I have also suffered from acne my whole life. I fasted for 14 days, after the 5th day of just water, I had more energy and was walking everyday I needed some nutrients, so Dr. Baylac supported me with a quiet understanding and reassuring words and I tried the green juice! I continued with the green juice for the rest of the fourteen days.

Part of my therapy for the month that I was there was breath work.  I had emotions that Dr. Baylac helped me discover and then let go of. Without going into too much detail I had a less then favorable childhood with an abusive father. The gently supportive breath work helped me open up my blocked emotions that I held in my throat and my stomach. This was the fear that kept me from being able to try new foods. When my 14-day fast ended I was able to control and let go of my fear and sample the Hawaiian native fruits.

I had a few more hurdles to over come like eating around other people and sampling different textures, but Dr. Baylac was with me every step of the way. I ended up leaving Hawaii a few days earlier eager to share eating with the ones that I loved and had supported me through out my 30 years. This was the greatest feeling in my life. Going out to dinner, "breaking bread" with my husband. Eating and not feeling left out.

It's hard to find the words to express how I feel today. I have been home now for a month and have continued eating healthy and trying new foods. In total I lost 27lbs and have taken up jogging. I feel and look healthy for the first time in my life. I have a glow that is how I had always felt from the inside, now I can see it on the outside. Fasting for me not only helped my body return to a natural state but I have not suffered from seasonal and dust allergies.

My vision for my future is now no longer a struggle, but an adventure. I have a new approach to all aspects of life, and am looking forward to my next visit to Dr. Baylac's new home in Hawaii. Just for the fasting and the BIG ISLAND LOVE. Many Thanks to Dr. Baylac, her wonderful staff and to my special friend Margo.

Portsmouth, NH

  TESTIMONIAL: Gerson Therapy - weight loss & detoxification (after chemo)

I came to the retreat to detoxify my body since I have had a 9 month course of chemotherapy after having a Glioblastoma Multiforme removed from my right temporal lobe on 11/19/07. My body felt toxic, and I also wanted to find a nutrition and lifestyle program that would help my body's own immune system become strong enough to create vibrant health and prevent any recurrence of cancer.

I found during the retreat that I was very afraid, and a session with Doctor Baylac helped me to really deeply accept my fears without attaching to them, and she helped me to not overfocuse on the illness. Instead she reminded me in many ways of my own power to create health and joy, and supported me in doing that. I told her at the end of my stay that I felt that I had arrived full of fear and pain, and I was leaving full of joy, vibrant health, and love. I still feel the shift in perception that she helped me reach, and am pleased that I journaled while there. If I need a reminder, I re-read some of the journal entries and that puts me back in touch with the change.
I also felt a huge change in my digestion and palate. The first two days, I missed salt, but after that didn't even think about salt. I started to be able to taste the range of flavors in foods. My digestive system began to function very well on its own. I did notice a larger output of urine. I have always drank a lot of water, but the Gerson program helps me not retain that water! That's quite a plus, and may be a big part of the weight loss. Some of it was water. Some was muscle, as I'm seeing, and now that I am feeling better, I'm able to excercise again so will put the muscle back where it belongs.
I lost weight during the retreat, and have continued to loose weight. I want to find a way to get my weight to stabilize. I began at 128 lbs, and this morning I weighed 119. I'm eating, staying with the protocol, including the flax oil and lots of potatoes.
I noticed large changes both physically and emotionally. It is the best thing I've done for myself in a long time, if not ever. It's had a positive impact on most areas of my life.

I have to admit, I feel "homesick" for the center. I truly felt welcomed deeply from the moment I arrived, and felt very sad when I left. My body has always felt most relaxed and nurtured anytime I have been on Hawaiian soil. The combination of being in the paradisiacal Hawaiian setting along with the beautiful environment, wonderful food, strong nurturing, and feeling so well cared for really helped me relax and let the healing happen. I truly miss it, and hope very much that I create the opportunity to return, but next time will be difference, as I hope to maintain vibrant health , not attend due to a health crisis, but atttend due to a desire to maintain and gain even more health and joy.
Dr Baylac encouraged a lot of reading, which I enjoyed. I learned the reason for coffee enemas, the detailed scientific reason Dr Gerson recommended them. I learned that my juicer was heating up too much and killing the enzymes in some of my juices, so am getting a Norwalk juicer in order to keep the juices vital. I learned how to cook Gerson approved food in a way that makes it varied, attractive, and delicious. I also learned how to retain an enema :-) as well as how to give myself a B-12 injection. I was not sure I'd be able to give myself an injection, but Margo and Dr Baylac taught me patiently and kindly.

Highlights were group conversations at the dinner table, driving to see the Volcano and visit Pele, and the visits to the warm tidal pools, where the ocean current can be safely experienced in a way that brought tears and howls of joy through me. I had not felt pure unrestricted joy flow through me since the surgery I had on my brain. This joy is still with me, and tapping into helps me continue to know that this is a very good healing path for me. I feel deeply healed on many levels.
Being able to stay longer would have been nice. Otherwise, the only thing I can think of that would have made the stay even better would be to have had structured, formal process or therapy groups in the morning after breakfast. I envision the group getting together with a facilitator (Dr B?) and going around discussing our goals, so we could really know what everyone was working on and wanting support with. I run groups, and love the power of groups to help each other reach their goals and transform. Also, I know the rooster is just doing what roosters do, but when it started crowing at the crack of dawn I woke up.

I would recommend the retreat without reservation to anyone who wants to build health, get back in touch with their core, reach deep decisions about their life path. The staff are so friendly and open, as is Dr Baylac. Her style as a therapist is fabulous (and I'm a therapist, so I'm picky ... she is truly gifted.) The retreat encouraged interaction among all the clients there, and the group bonded very nicely. The group support around the dinner table with our spontaneous conversations was one of my favorite parts of the retreat.

Tara Webster, California
Sept. 2007

TESTIMONIAL: Binging, overweight issues

Hello Dr.Baylac and Rachel!,

I miss you all very much and think about you daily! Thanks for the email regarding the rest of the bill. I am so sorry it has taken me a bit to get back to you. Transitioning back into my normal life with all of these new changes has been somewhat difficult, but things seem to be settling down a little now so all the good I have gained at the retreat center is not lost. I tell you though, I was so thankful to Anjeli for giving me dinner to go, because I was surprised by how tempted I was at the airport to eat things that would have sabotaged all of my wonderful success. Please let her know how much she helped me through the airport and flight home.

Well, I have done really well the past couple of weeks for the most part. When I was feeling very vulnerable and stressed I did go and get some of my binge foods and ate them slowly in front of my husband and chewed every bite to death. I wish I could tell you that they didn't have the same appeal to me or that they tasted terrible compared to all the beautiful, living, healthful foods I got to eat at the retreat center, but they didn't taste terrible and I enjoyed every bite. I was bummed about this. However, I did feel absolutely awful after I ate them.

I have since learned after a little playing around with all my favorite foods that any kind of dairy product gives me almost immediate sinus and allergy problems, I feel like a sinus infection is forming, my eyes itch, my nose runs and I sneeze all day long, I have to clear my throat all the time because I have so much phlegm. When I eat fried, greasy foods or potato chips (Doritos imparticular - a very bad binge food of mine), I have some of the same symptoms with the phlegm, and sinus stuff, but also terrible sluggishness, feeling of being drugged and tired and heavy and depressed - it is so interesting how this happens. Then if I eat sugary foods, or foods with a lot of bad carbs, I begin to notice muscle aches and pains, joint pains, sluggishness, tingliness in my skin, moods problems, and some sinus and drainage issues. All of these things seem to make me feel like someone just put a brick into my intestines and now I have to try to pass it.

Experimenting with all my favorite binge foods hasn't changed my love or physical desire for the taste of them unfortunately, but it has certainly convinced me that they are definitely the culprits of all my physical problems and issues, and many of the emotional and mood related ones as well. That in and of itself has been enough to drastically alter my diet and work very hard to eat mostly raw foods. I did have 2 binges since being back, which has let me know that even though I have made tremendous amounts of progress, I still need to keep up all the good work I started because all these changes are still very new and fragile.

Dr. Baylac, you have sort-of ruined my binges though because both times all that runs through my head is all the things you have talked to me about: hurting my body, my body didn't ask for this, think about how my body feels, having to take responsibility for wanting to be fat, the old Jennifer is dead, connect with my food, chew slowly so the intestines don't have large chunks of food in them (can't remember why that's not good), then of-course there is the visual image of you binging on the lasagna (because what you did is pretty much what binging looks like) and then choking afterwards (ha ha ha -that still makes me laugh), the emotional conversations at our group meals, Rachel telling us how it made her feel to see this problem, etc. etc... After all of that you can certainly see how you have messed up binging for me. There is also the strong desire to feel I need to let someone know, so that I don't keep it secret and so that I figure out what is going on emotionally behind it. I have noticed that anger is pretty much the main culprit, behind all the stress or too many things to do, or anxiety about something, anger is usually lurking deeply beneath it all.

Anyway, all of these emotional and physical feelings and goings-on around food, has bumped up in priority the necessity of planning my day better around healthy raw meals and how I can prepare green smoothies at work, and how I can have them waiting for me when I get home from work (my kind husband has taken this one on). I have also figured out how to work in exercise (still trying to work in the yoga though, no success there yet). So many changes! So many really good changes. I sure miss you all and your wonderful care of me, there is not a day that goes by that I do not think of you, and very much miss being at the retreat center. I felt like I was becoming part of the place, and where talking about and dealing with feelings, and doing enemas and walks were becoming routine. I am striving to implement that into my life here.

Along with all the different eating habits, another major change my husband and I have both made is no more TV, which has made time for more exercise, reading, and talking. We have found a raw food restaurant that we have started frequenting at least 1x/week, and they offer raw food "uncooking classes" and potlucks and lots of other things to help support this very different lifestyle. This has become my favorite day of the week as it is the only time I get real food, which brings me emotionally right back to the center, and I feel so good and happy, otherwise I get to eat green smoothies, lots of grapefruit, and some nuts and the crackers Jon and Anjeli made for me. I have never been much into food prep. so as you can imagine, raw food prep nearly feels like an impossibility to me. I am just trying to take it slow and be realistic with it, because extreme, all-or-nothing behaviors get me in trouble with food.

Jennifer, spring 2008


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