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In the beginning of 2008 I did a 21 day fast and silent meditation retreat... It was the most challenging and most rewarding experience I have ever done. I went into deeply transformative spaces in body and psyche. The profound spiritual transformation is still fully present, reverberating through me as a continuous ecstatic undercurrent. In general, I feel reborn, renewed, fresh and bubbling, vibrantly alive and full of gratitude.
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... I spent thousands of dollars on treatments and supplements which gave me partial and temporary relief over years of efforts. I fasted for 10 days with Maya's guidance, wisdom and care. My pain steadily decreased. ... I feel so good that I have become a true believer in the power of living nutrition. ...
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  • The Miracle of Fasting and Conscious Eating
      A Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical Detoxification and Revitalizing Program
    A water fast followed by a rebuilding phase with organic live raw foods and juices, coconut water and exercise. Can also be done as a juice fast with a day or two of water fasting. Or a spiritual fast, with meditation and prayer.


    Before the fast:

    Progressive detoxification is recommended. It may by done at the clinic or at home, one week or more prior to the beginning of the retreat. This preparation will consist of a raw live food diet, juicing, exercise, and journaling. Introspection is important to prepare the mind for change and the succesful implementation of new lifestyle habits.

    Improve the detoxification efficiency by preparing for your fast at home. Click here for details.

    Individual consultation with Dr. Nicole Baylac available at the beginning and the end of the workshop.

    During the water fast:

    Your part!
    Resting, complete relaxation and contemplation is the main focus of the fast. Secondary activities such as meditation, praying, sun bathing, yoga, drawing, painting, skin brushing, may spontanously occur.

    Medical support: Mini daily checkups with Dr. Baylac to ascertain progress of the fast.

    Spiritual and emotional support: More extensive visits can occur when necessary. Life style change consultations. Meditation and contemplation.

    After the fast:

    Progressive re-introduction of foods with food sensitivity testing. Rebuilding the body with vibrant raw live food and juices. Continued introspection and meditation.
    Progressive re-introduction of physical activities.

    Optional (since rest & recovery is the goal): Soaking in wild steam vents. Bathing and swimming in natural warm pools, by the ocean.
    Nature walks in the jungle or to the crater.
    Skin brushing, sun bathing, yoga, gentle massage, singing, laughing, crying, praying, circling, dancing, drawing, painting.
    Hands-on live food preparation, and continuing lifestyle education.

  • Fasting on water - resting the digestive system

    Avocado-tomato salad

    Green papaya salad

          Cost: Our rates are all inclusive: accommodation in a single room, medical fasting supervision, fasting education, juicing, meals.

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    Get a new start, fast!

    At our retreat you can also detoxify with fresh young coconut juice - it is a delicious, raw Hawaiian treat, & a source of valuable electrolytes.

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